2008 Olympic Champion, 2012 Olympic Silver, Men's Eight Coxswain

At the age of seven I battled leukemia in a hospital bed, never thinking that cancer would help shape me into an Olympic Champion 25 years later. My ten year rowing career culminated on the podium in Beijing, and I realized after I received my gold medal that the journey I had taken to get there was filled with anecdotes that can be applied in everyday life.

After a two year hiatus from rowing, I returned to the National Team with the challenge of leading a largely new and inexperienced crew to the Olympic podium. It was a difficult road, but the personal growth I experienced along the way and opportunity to share a silver medal with my crew was beyond measure.

There is a champion in each and every one of us, and we must continually strive for success in business, academics and our family life. I want to share my story to teach, inspire, motivate and illustrate to people that we are all capable of reaching the potential that lies deep within ourselves.